No Sorrow Video Series

by Born Gold

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no sorrow is a video and song series that ran from July 2014 to January 2015. watch all the no sorrow videos here:



7/22/2014 --- I Want To Be Naked

8/22/2014 --- Flowers

10/22/2014 --- Until You Heal

11/22/2014 --- The Song Condemns Itself

1/22/2015 --- Here We Are


released January 22, 2015

written, performed and produced by cecil frena. mastered by real cardinal. artwork by leslie predy.



all rights reserved


Born Gold

permanent daylight

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Track Name: I Want To Be Naked
I Want To Be Naked

better late than forever, as some guy once said
with a look on his face like his phone just went dead
after another shitty date with my fear and self-hate
i thought it might be better if we were just friends

you feel so free before your car hits the water
you feel so free before your love lives in the basement

i want to be naked

better late than forever, as some guy once said
why bother with sleep, i’ll fall to pieces instead
can’t recall my younger face, inhibitions stabbed to lace
with my eyes on the prize and my back turned on death

you feel so free before your surgeon makes small talk
you feel so free before your love lives in the basement

i want to be naked
Track Name: Flowers

tomorrow morning, when we squint
through coffee, sex and supplements
your perfect legs across the bedframe:
others can be so exhausting

tomorrow dear, i might resist
so pull me close with tiny fists
let’s slow dance to your humming fridge
one pop song without reference

even as i watch you flicker,
sweet mirage of my desire
even now i barely
see my feet between the spiders

oh oh oh - we just wanna know hurt that isn’t ours
hey hey hey - we just wanna be limbless like the flowers

tomorrow morning, we can run
along the panes of cracking ice
if we’re spotted from above
we’ll vanish before cops show up

tomorrow we’ll try not to wonder
what lies behind the curtain of want
it’s only dust, rising in the sun
bare, blind and gaunt

even as i watch you flicker,
sweet mirage of my desire
i know no metaphor worth saving from the fire
Track Name: Until You Heal
Until You Heal

born in a spray of
swollen knees
blind hope and
measureless belief
laying like the husks they are
cast across the cracked tile floor.

soon taught to learn but with no task
beyond a thousand indispensable distractions.
raised by silkworms and the mice
interred in textbooks and advice.

“you’re so cruel to yourself
but don’t speak ill of the dead
just do until you heal”

scared lover wakes you from a dream
sighs sounded like a stifled scream
glass wishbone arms in moth-pocked sheets
fall still until dawn intercedes

on sleepless nights, you sense it too
your punctuality will destroy you
your love is not repairable
and thinking is unbearable
Track Name: The Song Condemns Itself
The Song Condemns Itself

it’s 3pm and i can’t breathe
woke up with skin between my teeth
i don’t know

torn clothes jigsaw across the drawers
like bones from times when i was yours
i don’t know

turn off all the lights to see my old halo
oh, those rays were bright but now so far gone
sure, my face might frighten you, it’s ok though
that’s what my love is like without makeup on

spilt cups roll into a toast
to bedsores, shame, and bloody throats?
i don’t know

one more short day spent thrashing in
heaven’s bedpan, will i swim?
i don’t know

i’m such a rare special exception
cause my bald wound has useful lessons

oh, i hardly think of you
Track Name: Here We Are
Here We Are

o i can’t drive and talk
swerving through the rocks
like shrapnel of some party
that you won’t go to anymore.

you’re not the type to pause for breath
sin, time or yawning death
though i suspect you love
the suburbs for conquering all four

your sunglasses on
as tide touches sun
pass me a grape
my mind is changing shape

where do i end do you start where you are?
here we are where you end do i start?
where do i end do you start where you are?
here we are oh my friend here we are.

your grin could roll the window up
between bleak tales of your past
has everyone you met hurt you
wonder if i’ll be the next

my skin is dry and i got my
first true grey hair when i was twelve
you’ve always had a sense of doom—
but we should get sushi here soon

i just want to be
a word you repeat