Little Sleepwalker

by Born Gold

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released October 23, 2012



all rights reserved


Born Gold

permanent daylight

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Track Name: Pulse Thief
Pulse Thief

euphoria's asleep
i took her timid pulse
euphoria's asleep
beneath clean sheets of snow

euphoria's asleep
my body's trembling wax
euphoria, you priest
of barren wrists and arched backs

static snows
our mirrored glow
can't you hear
the wet hum of my heart?

because we aren't
so let me graze you
with these wires

till our pulses conspire
in the coda of modems

but we aren't
sure i know that
you're real and you're red

but i just don't have
the energy for it
Track Name: That Way
That Way

girl i know what you want
so lift your shivering knees
and sleepwalk through the woods
of wire surrounding me

girl i know what it costs
and nothing good's for free
we start and end the same way

your heart bellows like
fire from the sky
don't ever pray that

you love hidden like
sidewalks in ash
don't ever pray that way

girl i know what you want
so let your eyes roll back
sleepwalk through these woods
the wires pull down your mask

girl i think that we're lost
but why's that so bad anyway?
and if you crane your ear
what does this black night say?

we start and end the same way
Track Name: Lethe

lately i've spent so long unremembering
cheeks etched by sleep's soft lacerations

this abysmal cup
could be oblivion
we walked barefoot
on the feverish sun
with petals scattered
through cadaverous time

you led me to dark water

and you were just hoping
i'd float
please tell me
i'm reading this wrong
but the knives in your eyes say no

we kings of hidden things
Track Name: I: Ferocious Body
I: Ferocious Body

oh, will you say i'm old
you ferocious body?
inside this cruel winter's digits
how did you hide your fever?

hiss like black wasps

above the crest
of thighs slumbering half-shut
your white wide-open eyes

hiss like black wasps

i couldn't shake
the sense we were just circumstance
i couldn't shake
the ashes from your cigarette

oh, will you say i'm old
with a weakling's fever?

oh, will you say i'm old?
Track Name: II: Against Silence
i'm not afraid
Track Name: Sky Bicycle

been asleep now for four days
curled under the snowbanks
and stained by the night's mouth

the grim spin of cherubs
writhing where the air is thin
i'll be heaven's red hatchet

because all boundaries
were born to be

so breathe in and set it on fire
what good's a cure merely implied
just breathe in and set it on fire
believe in this frenzy of mine

tonight, my trembling tomb
your stone calves barely move
so be my eyeless compass

i don't want to have limbs
writhing where the air is thin
so be heaven's softcut glass

preserved in the palaces
of worlds we made
but never inhabited
Track Name: Black Sonar
Black Sonar

the less that i was saying
the more our wires were braiding
like a jacket we've been weaving
out of the ghosts of other feelings

so young and yet so ancient
we diaphanous sprites
our silence speaks fierce omens
in black sonar

i'll scrawl an atlas
of your soft moans
and line the spine
with cherub's marrow

but we can't touch
each other darling
there is no body
neath our awnings
Track Name: Fires of Disappearing
Fires of Disappearing

so much disappearing
in your blood
o my sweet black echo:
feral eyes and matted hair

were you ever there?

we're both unsteady somnambulists
dancing along that terrible precipice
between a normal life
and a beautiful death

beneath the curtains of the roadside, at the dawn of the night
surely every deer wants to dash for the headlights

oh, cruel sight
i want to build you
a tunnel to the light
Track Name: Gauze Pillars
Gauze Pillars

when i awoke
i was naked and floating
i live in a dream
held aloft by gauze pillars

when i awoke
i had broke into snowflakes
none were the same
and the wind did its work

felt my limbs form
in the light of the morning
and the blue dawn was yawning my body aglow

i swam through the milk
like a child with a compass
so to scale the high spires
of our silent cathedral

im still your little cloud
can't feel a trace of body

i cast salt to the edge of
the sea that you sway on
and screamed at the sky

but its water had broke
and our child born gold
fell still to the earth

love, is it true
that every dream ends?
because me and the world
we're still uneasy friends

my love, is it true
that every dream ends?
because me and the world
we're still uneasy friends